Stop promo abuse for good

Promo and voucher abuse erodes marketing effectiveness, stifling growth. It’s time to fight back.

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See the codes being shared

See which users are re-using or sharing vouchers – and nuke any compromised codes.

See where bad codes originate

Our data visualisations show anyone originating bad codes - so you can see who is costing you money. 

Grow with greater confidence

Support marketing efforts by reducing the waste in spend due to abuse.

Minimise manual review

Radically reduce the time needed to spot bad actors. 


How does Ravelin stop promo abuse?

Ravelin maps all the orders and customers in your database, pulling in promo data via API to show you codes being shared or used multiple times. Abusive users can be blocked or restricted. Be as brutal as you like. 

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“Within one month we saw a 50% reduction in fraud. Over a year later we see the levels of chargebacks have reduced further and the reduction maintained. We highly recommend Ravelin.”

Zalan Lima, Head of Fraud, Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is world’s most downloaded taxi app with 20 million users in 420 cities across 30 countries.

Zero impact on customer journey

Being a tough place to defraud should not mean being a tough place to buy from. Ravelin makes no changes to the customer journey - just a real-time API call to the network for an instant response.

Analyst dashboard to improve manual review

Ravelin Network requires minimal integration and almost no development resource. Via API we can give you our fraud determinations straight back into the purchase journey. No delay but improved piece of mind.

Integrates with a full-featured fraud product

Starting with promo abuse does not mean stopping there. Build on your integration for get full risk scores  for every order based on 1000s of events.

Interested in how machine learning can improve your fraud detection?

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