Online payment fraud

Combine machine learning, rules and graph networks to stop even the most sophisticated attacks and maximize conversion.

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Account security

Secure account registration, login and activity with our unique machine learning approach.

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Policy abuse

Refund and promotion abuse are rife. Ravelin uses your own data to root out abusers. Enforce policy while keeping good customers happy.

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Marketplace fraud

Marketplaces from auction sites to food delivery services have to ensure all sides are operating honestly. Stop supplier fraud and keep your ecosystem healthy.

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3D Secure

3DS Optimize conversion under PSD2 with Ravelin 3D Secure. Built for merchants and PSPs to reduce fraud and enhance security for online transactions.

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Machine learning that really delivers

We use thousands of features built from billions of transactions. Every client benefits from collective intelligence and a unique combination of models for a custom approach.

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Connect the fraud dots in your data

Graph networks uncover fraud in any network. Ravelin’s Connect network creates accurate predictions through link analysis and generates dozens of machine learning features for our core fraud service. It's a visual tool, enabling you to easily spot fraud patterns and take action.

Rules as they should be written

Rules are an essential tool in any fraud solution. Ravelin's rule engine is flexible and gives you full control of your ruleset. Before you make a change, you'll get predictions on how this could impact metrics like blocked customers.


No good fraud solution is an island. We work with third parties like Ekata, Ethoca, and Chargebacks 911 to plug you into a wider world of data and disputes. We can also integrate with most other external data sources that you need.