the faster you spot fraud, the faster you'll grow.


We know how difficult fraud prevention can be, because we wrestled with it ourselves while working at our own taxi app business. We saw then how vital it is to decline fraudulent transactions as they happen – and the damage they’ll do to your bottom line if you don’t.

  1. documentation to die for.  


Ravelin was built for easy integration with your existing systems. Which means elegant, well-organised APIs and documentation that leaves nothing to chance. With instant feedback, you’ll have a working Ravelin dashboard  in hours that delivers your first fraud scores in milliseconds. And from there, we’ll work with you to hone the accuracy of the scores.



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Customer-based fraud detection

Ravelin creates a customer profile for every user to build a picture of activity over time. That way we see transactions in context, not just as one-offs. Fewer false positives, happier customers. 


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Machine learning meets human intelligence

The software employs both industry-standard and domain-specific ML models, to create probabilistic scores with human-friendly explanations. It's beyond the black box.

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Device fingerprinting

We track hundreds of events and signals to build a picture of fraud. Device IDs are an important signal that we store, track and then compare across our merchant network. 

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Graph and network technology

Fraudsters have friends and they share lots of behaviours and locations. Ravelin constantly develops a graph network of fraud behaviour, to supplement your own data.

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Order locations and destinations

In the delivery and transport businesses, order location is critical. We visualise every order placed, indicating its destination and creating easy-to-read heat maps of fraud.

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Stop fraud before it happens

We score users for fraud before they even make a payment.  So it's possible to stop a suspicious user before they pay or route them through a more secure payment option 

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