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Fraud never stays still. Ravelin’s machine learning models adapt to meet existing and new threats so your business can add more customers with no more risk.

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PSD2: giving merchants the upper hand around strong customer authentication

Our CEO Martin Sweeney discusses how PSD2 is changing the balance of power in payments.


Real-time fraud prevention for the world's fastest-growing businesses

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Products to suit your company's needs

ravelin enterprise

Ravelin Enterprise

Everything you need in one package. Perfect to replace an aging system or if you have no system in place.

ravelin enterprise

Ravelin Connect

A simple integration immediately maps your data. See how fraudsters are connected to other users.

ravelin enterprise

Ravelin Lookup

Search our cross-merchant fraud database to find matches on emails, phone number and IP address.

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screenshot of ravelin chargeback reduction software
Ravelin chargeback icon

Ravelin for

Chargeback Reduction

Stop payment fraud today and keep it low forever.

Ravelin uses leading AI and machine learning techniques that adapt to the emerging threatscape. We give your analysts the tools and insights they need to win the fight against chargebacks and fraud.

ravelin fraud prevention software screenshot
Ravelin promo icon

Ravelin for

Promo and voucher abuse

Stop losing revenue to promo abuse.

Promo and voucher abuse is a huge cost for online businesses looking to grow through marketing. Ravelin highlights and stops re-use and recycling allowing you to know and prove it is one code being used per user.

ravelin fraud prevention software screenshot
image showing ravelin account takeover functionality
Ravelin chargeback icon

Ravelin for

Account takeover

Stop bad actors ruining your reputation and your bottom line.

Account takeovers can shred your margins and your brand as user complaints go viral. Ravelin can spot anomalous account use based on numerous factors and create alerts for analysts or block accounts immediately. Protect your reputation.

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