Episode 8: Gerry sits down with David Kelnar from MMC Ventures to discuss his UK AI startup landscape map and to learn more about which industries are quickly adopting AI and which ones are behind the curve. 

Episode 7: Gerry heads over to the KPMG offices in London to ask cyber-security expert, George Quigley, about the current threatscape and what businesses can do to protect their databases from being attacked. 


Bonus Episode: A quick Q and A with a commercial lawyer. Companion piece to the this blog and resource centre on how to get ready for GDPR


Episode 6: Encountering fraud for the first time as a startup can be overwhelming. Gerry sits down with Terry Runham, co-founder of Hailo, to discuss his experience and what they did to counter fraud attacks.


Episode 5:  In a bonus episode with Michaela Verstraeten, Gerry asks Michaela about her experience with larger retail ecommerce businesses and how they go about choosing the mix of fraud tools they need to do their jobs well. 


Episode 4: Can merchants work together to fight fraud? Gill Wells of Just Eat and the Merchant Risk Council, sits down with Gerry to chat through the possibility and benefits of merchants working together to defeat fraud.


Episode 3: Michaela Verstraeten who managed fraud at Nike and Levi's,  joins Gerry to discuss how smarter retailers choose fraud technologies and how to carry out fraud health checks to make sure everything is up-to-date. 


Episode 2: The one about Brexit. Gerry chats with Eric Klotz, a data legislation expert, to shed light on the impact Brexit could have on data privacy and UK firms. He also explains the new EU GDPR and discusses whether it will still impact the UK post-Brexit. 


Episode 2:  James Nurse talk to Gerry about what fraud looks like in the prepaid card industry. Where stolen details can be turned into cash, it's critical the defences are rock-solid. 


Episode 1: The UK's new fraud statistics are leading the world in properly recording the crime of card fraud. Here CMO Gerry Carr discusses how it's become the single most common crime in the UK and across the world with the man who published the statistics.