Ravelin Podcast

Welcome to the only Podcast series focused on helping merchants understand the issues of fraud, chargebacks, and payments

Episode 29

Senior Lecturer of Uni. of Surrey shares some startling research on the scale and sophistication of cybercrime and the direct links between carding fraud and much more serious criminal activity.

Episode 28

Account Takeover has emerged as a substantial risk for all merchants who maintain customer accounts. Ravelin has looked at the tactics shared on the dark web and more importantly devised ways to combat the tactics. To learn more about how account takeover works, check out our insights page here.

Episode 27

Ravelin’s Paul Scott joins us to talk about the integrations process and how to get started.

Episode 26

Martin Sweeney talks with Greg Myers, the host of Leaders in Payments podcast, about Ravelin's fraud solution and global customer set. Martin provides some great background information and insights about PSD2 and 3D secure.

Episode 25

Ravelin Investigations Analyst Sam shares the inside scoop on how his team helps clients better understand the risks their businesses face online and how human insight and Machine Learning computing power work in sync.

Episode 24

Data engineering underpins all that we do at Ravelin, whether machine learning, rules, analysis or investigations. Stephen has been instrumental in developing the discipline here and explains why it matters and how we use it.

Episode 23

In this podcast we speak to David on working in fintech in 2018, how security breaches affect fintechs differently to traditional banks and what the new banking trends will be in the next few years.

Episode 22

Monica Eaton-Cardone from Chargebacks911 discusses fighting fraud, chargebacks, and how merchants can grow securely in new markets.

Episode 20

David Parker from Polymath Consulting discuss the implications of push payments and how this method is becoming increasingly effective and common for fraudsters.

Episode 19

In this podcast, Mike Haley from Cifas discusses the measures that we should be taking to prevent over-sharing and the importance of raising awareness for fraud.

Episode 18

Hear Philip Green discuss the key strategies for fighting fraud at an e-commerce business and the importance of building a well-rounded team within any business.

Episode 17

Ravelin’s senior data scientist explains the basics of machine learning and dives deep into what features, scores, and models are.

Episode 16

In this podcast, Birch discusses how e-commerce retailers can stay ahead of emerging trends and his thoughts on using machine learning to predict transactional fraud.

Episode 15

What does PSD2 mean for banks and fintechs, and how will the legislation drive innovation and competition for new entrants? Sweeney debates the implications.

Episode 14

In this podcast we were joined by David Birch from Consult Hyperion to discuss the impact of PSD2, open banking and what legislation means for fraud.

Episode 13

Why is machine learning suited to fraud detection? Dr. Eddie Bell, head of machine learning at Ravelin talks us through the basics of the approach, how we build custom solutions for clients.

Episode 12

We sit down with founder of Oshi Casino, Nick Garner, to learn more about what casinos can do to prevent fraud, while incentivising new customers to sign up using bonuses.

Episode 11

To find out more about how law enforcement is tackling online fraud, Gerry visited the DCPCU to have a chat with an intelligence analyst and a police officer.

Episode 10

What does fraud look like in the prepaid card industry? Gerry sits down with James Nurse from Pockit to learn more.

Episode 9

CMO Gerry Carr sits down with John Flately from the Office for National Statistics to discuss how fraud has become the single more common crime in the UK.

Episode 8

We get a data legislation expert on the phone to shed light on the impact Brexit & the GDPR could have on data privacy and UK firms.

Episode 7

Former fraud consultant for Nike and Levi's explains how smarter retailers choose fraud technologies and why conducting fraud health checks is essential for success.

Episode 6

Can merchants work together to fight fraud? Gill Wells from Just Eat discusses the possibility and benefits of merchants working together to defeat fraud.

Episode 5

Michaela joins us again to discuss how smarter retailers choose fraud technologies and why machine learning should be considered by all businesses.

Episode 4

David Kelnar from MMC Ventures walks us through how your business should invest in AI to tackle fraud & payments.

Episode 3

Encountering fraud for the first time as a startup can be sudden and overwhelming. In this episode, we learn what growing startups should and can do to counter fraud attacks.

Episode 2

A quick Q and A with a commercial lawyer on how all businesses can and should start preparing for the GDRP.

Episode 1

Cybersecurity expert George Quigly of KPMG outlines the current threatscape and tips for businesses on how to protect themselves from attacks.