Glovo: Winning on 3D Secure with Ravelin


Key results

  • Authentication success rate +132.58%

  • Conversion rates up 1%

Glovo’s challenge and goals

Founded in 2014, Glovo is a pioneering multi-category delivery app connecting users with businesses and couriers, promising to “deliver anything”. Glovo customers can order from local restaurants, grocers and supermarkets to high-street retail stores and beyond.

In 2023, Glovo was experiencing lower than expected 3D Secure authentication success rates in multiple markets. And this was a blocker for conversion.

“In some markets, especially our riskier markets, 3DS performance was not what we expected and resulted in lower conversion rates. So, we wanted to explore whether there were better options out there for us so we could continue offering a great payment experience for our customers.

Ravelin was that answer,” says Boris Montin, Director of Risk and Identity at Glovo.

Synergies to optimize authentication flows

For Glovo, performance is everything. Leveraging the ProcessOut payment orchestration platform, Glovo continually routes payments to the best performing PSP. Now, they are doing the same with 3D Secure.

Ravelin's 3D Secure solution is PSP-agnostic. This means that, through ProcessOut, Glovo has the option to utilize Ravelin or the 3D Secure solution of their PSP, automatically selecting which option has the highest chance of authentication success for that given transaction.

Merchants on the ProcessOut platform can begin using Ravelin’s 3D Secure solution in one click.

3DS authentication flow ravelin

Improving 3D Secure performance with risk engine feedback loops

Glovo has been leveraging Ravelin’s fraud prevention risk engine since 2018 to great effect.

In addition to the benefits of 3D Secure itself, managing fraud prevention and 3D Secure in one place also has multiple benefits – such as using Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) to identify opportunities to remove friction for low-risk transactions, such as by requesting an exemption or frictionless flow.

The result? Legitimate customers can complete their shopping journey without any friction, which both decreases churn and makes them more likely to return.

glovo testimonial ravelin

But another maybe less obvious benefit is the feedback loops that you get from having the two solutions natively integrated.

“Managing risk and 3DS through Ravelin helps me create a feedback loop between 3DS and risk. 3DS outcome information is fed back into the risk engine. Was the 3DS attempt successful?

If it failed, why? This is very important. For example, if a customer fails the 3DS challenge three times over the past hour, maybe we don’t want to let that customer order risky items, or if they continue to fail the 3DS challenge, we may want to automatically block that client from ordering from us, as their behavior is highly suspicious.

This feedback loop is something we didn’t have before, and it helps us better protect Glovo,” says Boris.

Results from deploying Ravelin 3DS so far

While Glovo and Ravelin are only a few months into our 3D Secure partnership, the results have been very promising in our first test market.

Authentication success rates increased by 132.58%, resulting in a +1% increase in conversion rates. And with plans to roll out Ravelin 3DS across additional markets for Glovo, we are looking forward to seeing continued success.

Head over to our 3DS product page if you’d like to learn more, or get in touch if you’re interested in speaking with a member of our team.

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30 April 2024

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