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Press release: Ravelin announces Kinguin as newest client

Ravelin to provide machine learning-based fraud detection for video gaming trading platform Kinguin

Press release: Ravelin announces Kinguin as newest client

London and Warsaw, 6th March, 2018: We are extremely excited to announce that Ravelin has signed its newest client Kinguin.

Kinguin is not only one of the leading marketplaces for gamers, but also a lead innovator when it comes to constantly exploring and expanding new areas of business within the industry. This includes esports, blockchain technology, developing a decentralised marketplace and launching an ICO. Kinguin will use Ravelin’s fraud prevention platform to protect buyers and sellers from fraudulent activity and help protect their customers from the growing threat of online fraud.

Since Kinguin launched in 2013, it has become a leading online marketplace with over 4 million customers. Underpinning this success is a commitment to being a trusted platform. Kinguin’s decision to select Ravelin is about investing in that commitment to give buyers and suppliers complete confidence in Kinguin.

“Kinguin has always been considered as the most secured marketplace for gamers, leading industry with the lowest fraud ratio. As customer safety is the most important value here at Kinguin, we are excited to be a part of something big along that allows us to increase marketplace security from fraudulent transactions even more” said Adam Gruda, CCO at Kinguin.

“Kinguin has been investing in security and fraud prevention for a long time. Now we enter the next stage, taking advantage of new technologies, for example, artificial neural networks and machine learning, as well as advanced geolocation and many more solutions that grant our users the best protection possible. We take great care in how we deal with scam detection, especially in the face of new standardizing requirements such as GDPR, as well as KYC and AML policies' preparation,” added Michał Figas, Head of Fraud Risk Management at Kinguin.

“Together with Ravelin, a potent player in the fraud risk assessment field, we will be able to continue providing a safe and trustworthy service.”

“We are proud to be part of the Kinguin story’, said Mairtin O’Riada, co-founder and CIO at Ravelin. “We are very lucky to work with many of the innovation leaders across a number of industries and Kinguin is a clear leader in digital goods. Securing their transactions and revenue while helping them continue to grow through great conversion rates is at the core of our success.”

Ravelin uses machine learning models to scan transactions as they happen and prevent those that appear likely to be fraudulent- read more about this here. Ravelin’s models ensure that good customers are not stopped and the models are tuned continually with that conversion goal in mind.

Ravelin complements machine learning with a host of other techniques to help spot seller fraud and bad actors. We will work with Kinguin to develop these services for their growing user base.

To learn more about machine learning visit our insights page.

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