Ravelin Enterprise

Manage your fraud threat completely

Everything you need to manage both fraud and conversion, with machine learning (ML) to help your analysts fight back.


Real-time risk scores

Our ML models score every customer interaction as it happens. We spot fraud immediately and stop it dead.

Analyst dashboard

Review fraud scores, analyse trends and manually review any user or order. Build more informed fraud strategies.

Graph network

Map your customer base on key criteria and spot fraud rings, fake accounts and bad actors in real time.

Rules engine

Set your operating limits, implement policies and maintain control over your payments strategy.

See your entire customer journey

Analyse the entire customer journey from account creation, on-site and in-app analytics, through to checkout. Ravelin Enterprise constantly feeds scores back to your system based on our unique AI models. 

Why do we use AI?


Automate your fraud processes

Only a machine learning approach can scale to meet the size of the fraud threat. Move past manual intervention to see proven, accurate results. 

Move past manual review

Maximise conversion with risk thresholds

Set the risk profile that matches your needs, to maximise conversion and minimise false positives. Our models will accurately predict the impact on your business.

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“Within one month we saw a 50% reduction in fraud. Over a year later we see the levels of chargebacks have reduced further and the reduction maintained. We highly recommend Ravelin.”

Zalan Lima, Head of Fraud, Easy Taxi

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Easy Taxi is world’s most downloaded taxi app with 20 million users in 420 cities across 30 countries.


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