Podcast / Machine learning

Episode 27

28 May 2020

Ravelin's integrations engineer Paul Scott in conversation

Ravelin’s Paul Scott joins us to talk about the integrations process and how to get started.

Ravelin's integrations engineer Paul Scott in conversation

There is often a lot of confusion around the integration process, and what types of data we require. That's why in today's podcast we're joined by Paul Scott, Ravelin's senior integrations engineer - Paul is part of the core team within integrations and client success, and responsible for getting our clients off the ground and running. He works with our wonderful clients daily, an aspect he says is one of his favourite parts of the job, to ensure everything is running smoothly.

In this podcast, we speak to Paul on the key steps for a successful integration set-up, the most important data the team need for successful results and some integration-esque acronyms favoured by the team. Know what #fraudulation means? Listen and find out - and hope you enjoy!

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