Paylolly: Getting to market fast with Ravelin 3DS

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Paylolly – goals and requirements

Paylolly is a payment orchestration platform, providing global payment solutions for the travel, retail, crypto and FX industries. With Paylolly, merchants can access a plethora of acquirers and payment methods through a single API, and manage their entire payment strategy through one platform.

Prior to launching, Paylolly were looking to offer their merchants a PSP-agnostic 3DS solution.

Payments veteran Jamie Matthews, who serves as Paylolly’s Commercial Director, already was familiar with Ravelin. He says, “you’re seen in the market as one of the more tech-forward providers out there”.

When they evaluated the available offering, Ravelin’s 3DS solution stood out in terms of technical infrastructure. “Our CTO, Conrad, was very impressed with the technology behind Ravelin. The API is clean and very slick, which is reflected in the code,” says Jamie.

Going live in a single sprint

Paylolly was able to fully integrate Ravelin’s 3DS solution in a single week. “After a couple of days of testing in Ravelin’s demo environment, that was it. We were off to the races!” recalls Jamie.

“3DS was the last piece of the puzzle in our offering, so the quick integration enabled us to go-to-market quickly and launch as a business.”

First impressions & support

“My experience of Ravelin’s 3DS product has been faultless.

When we first launched, we noticed higher-than-average declines on a set of transactions. We consulted with Ravelin, who conducted analysis on our behalf and advised us to change a field in the ISO message for those transactions.

We implemented Ravelin’s recommendations and saw an immediate uplift in acceptance rates,” says Jamie.

When it comes to support, Paylolly explain that “We’ve had timely, accurate responses throughout, and always felt we had the support and the guidance that we needed.

But we rarely have to speak to Ravelin because everything is working exactly how we want it to: strong performance, no technical problems, no downtime. It’s great!”


This strong performance is reflected in the numbers: The authentication success rate stands at 89.9%, with frictionless authentication success at 98.7%. Meanwhile, the error rate is less than 0.01%.

Are you considering a 3D Secure solution for your own business? We’d love to have a chat about your needs and plans. Book a call with Ravelin’s team today.

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03 May 2024

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