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Ravelin Global Online Payment Regulation Report

Keep track of PSD2, strong customer authentication delays and major global digital payment initiatives with our new map and report.

Ravelin Global Online Payment Regulation Report

We're pleased to publish our interactive map charting PSD2 strong customer authentication delays across the National Competent Authorities in the EEA, as well as major online payment mandates globally.

View the map and download your free report here

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The map uses data from millions of Ravelin transactions collected between Q2 and Q3 2019. We will periodically update this data every quarter. We will update the PSD2 delay status as soon as new information is available.

The free downloadable extended report also includes all source information for status updates, the top three payment methods per country and popular payment method providers for each market.

We hope this is a useful source of information on PSD2 and other regulations for online merchants and payment providers. For more details on PSD2 see our full insights page here.

The map covers the regulations and conditions for the major ecommerce markets worldwide. We will continue to research and add new countries to the map and report. If have questions about the information, if you notice any inconsistency or think something is missing please get in touch here.

Use it to prepare a strategy for approaching payment authentication and deciding priorities around payment regulations. Our statistics on acceptance rates offer insight into how the device, card scheme and issuer country affect conversion. As support and usage of 3D Secure 2 increases, we’ll collect statistics on differences in acceptance across different versions of 3D Secure and issuer adoption levels.

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