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Ravelin and Glovo extend partnership to add 3D Secure services

Multi-category app Glovo chooses Ravelin 3D Secure to provide a frictionless experience to customers.

16 November 2023

Ravelin and Glovo extend partnership to add 3D Secure services

London and Barcelona, 16th November 2023. Multi-category app Glovo and fraud prevention specialist Ravelin have fought fraud together for over six years. Now, the two companies extend their partnership to provide 3D Secure authentication services – improving the checkout experience for Glovo customers without compromising security or compliance.

Glovo is set to become an innovator by taking control of the 3D Secure and SDK experience, automating the amount of friction applied to customer journeys according to the level of risk posed. This will enable Glovo to be truly independent of their PSPs and choose the best route for each transaction by taking advantage of exemptions, across their network of 170,000 restaurants and stores in 25 countries.

The benefits of this transaction optimization approach are several, from reduced costs to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. A range of legitimate Glovo customers will enjoy a frictionless experience, without being interrupted by unnecessary authentication.

Szymon Zeslawski, Senior Director, Fintech & Risk at Glovo, said: “We are excited to take advantage of this new innovation from Ravelin. We see excellent fraud detection beneath a seamless customer experience as a must for our future success. Adopting Ravelin’s 3DS Server and SDKs will be key to continuing that strategy.

Martin Sweeney, CEO of Ravelin, said: “Glovo has been a great partner for us on fraud detection. Smart businesses like Glovo see the advantages of owning the authentication experience because of cost, independence and, ultimately, user experience. We are delighted to have them on board for Ravelin 3D Secure and look forward to a very successful project.

PSD2 changed the payments landscape in Europe significantly, with 3D Secure strong customer authentication required for all non-exempt transactions but also causing merchants concerns about shopper churn. Ravelin’s certified 3DS Server leverages these exemptions to reduce friction, also providing SDKs for all global card schemes, analytics on tap, and robust end-to-end support.

About Ravelin

Ravelin provides technology and support to help online businesses prevent evolving fraud threats and accept payments with confidence. Combining machine learning, graph networks, behavioral analysis and expert rules, Ravelin helps businesses draw deeper insights from their customer data to detect fraud and abuse, and increase payment acceptance.

About Glovo

Glovo is a pioneering multi-category app connecting users with businesses and couriers, offering on-demand services from local restaurants, grocers and supermarkets, and high street retail stores. Glovo’s vision is to give everyone easy access to everything within their city, so that users can enjoy what they want, when they want, where they want. Founded in 2015 in Barcelona, it operates across 25 countries in Europe, Central Asia and Africa.

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