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GAMIVO selects Ravelin for next generation fraud detection

We're delighted to announce GAMIVO has selected Ravelin as their fraud solution.

GAMIVO selects Ravelin for next generation fraud detection

Ravelin announced today that GAMIVO, an online marketplace for digital products, will detect and prevent fraud with Ravelin’s technology and support. Using Ravelin, GAMIVO benefits from a tailor-made solution based on GAMIVO’s customer data and graph network visualization.

GAMIVO is a revolutionary global marketplace for digital products run by gamers for gamers. Consumers can browse through different games for all leading distribution platforms, offered by hundreds of merchants, and stay protected while making their purchase. As the number of consumers shopping on its marketplace grows, it has become increasingly important to GAMIVO to provide a reliable payment experience that instills trust and encourages return visits. Ravelin brings experience in building solutions for global businesses to enable them to prevent fraud without impacting the customer journey.

“In today’s market, global regulation means it’s even more important to prevent fraud and protect customers while also providing a smooth and seamless buying experience,” said Aleksander Pinkowski, Head of Sales and Payments, at GAMIVO. “Ravelin’s experience in the gaming industry gives them a great understanding of the specific requirements that a company like ours has when it comes to payments. With Ravelin, we have a partner we can trust as we expand further.”

“We are delighted to welcome GAMIVO. They are changing the gaming industry by making it safe and easy for gamers from around the globe to access the best online entertainment” said Martin Sweeney, CEO of Ravelin. “Working with Ravelin, GAMIVO can benefit from a solution built on their business data to increase acceptance, and gain deeper customer insights through their graph network to prevent fraud sooner and protect their customers."

Learn more about GAMIVO here.

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