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Buckaroo and Ravelin join forces against online fraud

Buckaroo and Ravelin have partnered to provide online businesses with advanced fraud detection and prevention software. Buckaroo customers will soon be able to use the extensive technology and services of Ravelin.

Buckaroo and Ravelin join forces against online fraud

With the continuous growth of eCommerce in Europe, there’s increasing demand to make payments more secure. Fortunately, online fraud seems to be falling, partly thanks to fraud prevention services, such as Ravelin's.

“The collaboration with Ravelin gives our customers the opportunity to optimize and monitor their customer acceptance in combination with risk payment services (including cards). Increasing the conversion in the checkout is an objective of every company. In addition, it can be difficult to find a balance in your choice with whom you do and do not want to do business. Together with Ravelin, we do everything we can to help our customers to prevent existing and new fraud threats so that they can do business with confidence" says Maurits Dekker, CCO at Buckaroo.

"We are proud to partner with Buckaroo and welcome their customers to Ravelin," said Martin Sweeney, CEO of Ravelin. "Buckaroo customers can benefit from a PSD2-compliant solution that allows them to increase acceptance, protect their customers against fraud and gain deeper customer insights."

About Buckaroo

Buckaroo is a leading payment service provider in the Netherlands, founded in 2005. Various corporates and ecommerce companies use Buckaroo's payment technology: from a smart checkout for online payments to extensive customization in the areas of collection, subscription services and credit management.

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