Stop account takeover ruining your business reputation

Account takeover is rampant due to endless data breaches. Secure your customer accounts against credential stuffing and stop it ruining your online reputation.

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Spot credential stuffing fast

Ravelin’s machine learning models flag anomalies fast. Use your past experience of ATO to stop it happening again. 

Use user ID and behaviour

Ravelin processes 1000s of signals from on-site and in-app behaviour to the device used, to spot anomalies. 

Works with customer journey

Send alerts to customers via API calls alerting them to changes in their account information. 

Part of a full fraud defence

Unusual patterns like increased spend will contribute to a rich fraud score that protects a business beyond ATO.  


How does Ravelin stop account takeover?

Ravelin scores every action for every user. This builds a picture of good users which means odd behaviour is identified quickly - whether it is the device used or the behaviour online. Our models adapt to the ever-evolving fraud threat. Our rules let you control the outcome.


“Within one month we saw a 50% reduction in fraud. Over a year later we see the levels of chargebacks have reduced further and the reduction maintained. We highly recommend Ravelin.”

Zalan Lima, Head of Fraud, Easy Taxi

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Easy Taxi is world’s most downloaded taxi app with 20 million users in 420 cities across 30 countries.

Manage ATO as part of overall fraud strategy 

Ravelin fraud-scoring engine is works across all of the customer journey. We constantly consume events and compare them against a merchant's own norms and the industry's wider norms. The result is we can see anomalies in a visitor's behaviour and score it for a range of fraud types. Great for ATO and brilliant for your broader fraud strategy too.  

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Protect your business from all types of fraud

No extra steps for customers
Being a tough place to defraud shouldn't mean being a tough place to buy from. Ravelin requires no additional steps for a user to secure their account but we can tell them when something changes. 

Part of a full fraud defence
ATO is only one thread facing online business. Ravelin Enterprise tackles ATO as part of a full fraud defence solution including chargebacks, false declines, promo abuse and more. 

Analyst dashboard improves manual review
Ravelin empowers your analysts to make better decisions giving them the tools to assess whether an account takeover is real and what other accounts might be compromised. 

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