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Use all available data for better decisions

Ravelin uses every available data point to produce more accurate fraud decisions with fewer false positives.

Fewer 3DS checks and manual reviews

Ravelin scores every part of the ticket purchase journey. Automate approval and only use 3DS for high risk buyers.

Stay in control

You set the risk threshold, your team reviews the automated decisions, together we build the fastest, most accurate fraud system in the market.

“Before Ravelin, we had two people working full-time on manual reviews. Now everything is automatic and we only log into the system once a week.”


Paddy Fletcher, CFO, Yplan Ticketing App

Get ticket sales fraud to 0.1%, remove your reliance on manual review, and convert more visits to sales.

Review the entire customer journey for fraud


We take in every interaction with your customer to make a fraud score. And we build our machine learning models on your historical data. There is no more accurate way to to assess fraud risk.

Manage time-to-event and peak-time fraud 


Fraudsters love busy periods and pinch points close to the event. Ravelin is built to process limitless transactions and do it in milliseconds. With no reduction in accuracy.

Pull your fraud tools into a single fraud system


Like most ticketing agents you have a collection of tools to help your make fraud calls. Replace or integrate them into a single fraud console for ease-of-use (and to protect your sanity).

Stay in control with best in class reporting


Instead of reviewing transactions, review trends and develop insights as to how and why fraud is impacting your business. Key figures and critical fraud ratios are at your fingertips. 

Set risk threshold to suit your business


Every ticketing agent is different. The stock you sell  and the clientele you work with will vary. Ravelin will find the right risk level for your business and deliver on that rate for every transaction. 

Ease integration with a world-class API


We know that you want the best revenue protection systems but development time is scarce. We have a simple but comprehensive API and our developers will help every step of the way.