Find out how Deliveroo achieved 90% reduction in chargebacks overall

With its exponential growth, the well-known online food delivery business Deliveroo had started to attract attention from fraudsters. The high numbers of chargebacks were harming the bottom line revenue, becoming remarkably costly. Ravelin’s machine learning approach helped to slash fraud by half in only four months. 


I could not do my job without Ravelin. It’s the #1 tool we use to see if a customer is committing fraud or not

Andreia Silva, Senior Customer Account Executive

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Manual Review


Reduction in chargebacks

140 cities



Ravelin’s machine learning approach enables fraudsters to be quickly declined and flagged whilst continuing to approve legitimate customers. With no manual review of orders or escalation process, Deliveroo is able to deliver better service to its customers.  

What’s inside of the case study?

  • The fundamentals of Ravelin’s machine learning approach

  • How Deliveroo improved its customer service

  • The overall reduction in Deliveroo’s chargebacks