Ravelin Connect

Find the fraud hiding in your data

Ravelin Connect takes fraud link analysis, connection-mapping and data visualisation to an entirely new level for the enterprise.


Link Analysis

No more SQL searches in spreadsheets. Map instant, visual connections across your entire database.

Real-time response

Instant, online, automatically generated visualisations ban fraud rings and stop promo abuse as it happens.

Graph networks on the fly

Instantly see every customer or order connected to a payment method, device, email or phone number.

Flexible use cases

Add vouchers, promos or chargebacks to map the connections to risky behaviour that threatens your business.

Spot (and stop) fake accounts

See how all accounts are connected. Multiple accounts created on the same device or with other connecting data can be spotted, investigated and closed in seconds. 

Stop fake accounts

Connect-Network-2-left (1).png
S3-See-your-entire (1).png

Stop promo abuse dead

See every code that has been shared or re-used – and which ones have been compromised. You can even trace the abuse back to the original user.

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Easy upgrade to Ravelin Enterprise

Add machine learning-based fraud scoring and risk assessment to your fraud defences and build on your graph database capabilities.  A dashboard for analysts that gives them the full picture.

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"At Urban Massage, we use Ravelin to route risky transactions through dynamic 3DS. The graph networks are fantastic for investigating potential fraud, it makes the few manual reviews we need to do fast and efficient. Ravelin is helping us grow without interruption and with much less risk."

Urban Massage - Giles Williams, CTO


Urban Massage is the new way for people to book and experience a professional massage at home, work or hotel in the UK.


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