Ravelin Lookup

Witness the power of shared data

Instantly check if an individual, phone number, email address or card has been seen in our global fraud network.

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Real time risk scores

Our ML models score every customer interaction as it happens. We spot fraud immediately and stop it dead.

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Analyst dashboard

Review fraud decisions, analyse trends and manually review any user or order. Build more informed fraud strategies.

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Graph network

Map your customer base against key criteria to spot fraud rings, fake accounts and bad actors.

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Rules engine

Set your operating limits, implement policies and maintain control over your fraud and payments strategy.

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Expand your fraud reach

When you’re looking for fraud, your own data is usually the best place to start. But tapping into a fraud network boosts discovery rates and matches significantly, with little extra effort or cost.

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ravelin customer journey software screenshot
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Great fraud match rates for poorly served industries

Ravelin Lookup has much fraud data for the ecommerce, on-demand and challenger bank sectors, sectors traditionally poorly served by fraud databases. New fraud strategies for a new world.

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Millions of data points, refreshed constantly

With millions of events passing through the network daily – all refreshed and confirmed for accuracy – there is no more reliable outside source for fraud detection.

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"We have seen a dramatic increase in our ability to detect and prevent fraud since the integrating with Ravelin. But more than that, we feel a much greater level of insight into the types of fraud attempted on our platform, allowing us to put the measures in place through Ravelin to prevent them occurring again."

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