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What is the Ravelin Network? 

The Ravelin Network is the most advanced graph database technology available in the fraud market. It uses a proprietary technique to generate networks on the fly for every customer and transaction in the client database. It is available at no extra cost to every Ravelin client and accessed through the Ravelin customer page.

How does the Ravelin Network stop fraud?

The Ravelin Network takes link analysis to the next level. It instantly creates networks for every user in the client database based on up to six key parameters. It moves link analysis from being a slow, offline activity with limited features to being an instant, data-rich and actionable resource that every fraud analyst should have. 

A network for every customer

Thanks to our proprietary technique and power of cloud computing, every customer, good or fraudulent, has their network plotted. The network is accessible straight from the customer screen. No delay, no IT or data analyst resource requirement. Fraud networks are at your analysts’ fingertips. 

Networks built on 6 key dimensions

Traditional link analysis is based on one or two parameters due to limitations in approach or processing power. Ravelin connects users on six key parameters: name, phone number, device, card, emails and chargebacks. This allows us to see a complete and accurate picture of how fraudulent accounts are connected. There is no more comprehensive picture of fraud.

Disable bogus accounts 

The only thing better than stopping a fraudster is frustrating one. Our graph network highlights bogus accounts so you can stop them from purchasing. Better still, the fraudulent owner of the accounts has no idea that the accounts are blocked and will waste significant time and effort trying to make unsuccessful purchases, ultimately driving them away from your app or website. 

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