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Ravelin for Payment Service Providers

Creating a competitive advantage in payments

The legal and market landscape is changing payments and fraud forever. Is your business ready?

Why Ravelin for Payment Service Providers?

The way Payment Service Providers (PSPs) offer online businesses their services for accepting and processing electronic payments is changing. And what’s changing most is the requirement to manage fraud. 

Ravelin’s machine learning models are built to operate at PSP-scale. Ravelin scans every element of every single transaction and scores those elements for fraud risk. In milliseconds. With no impact on the customer journey. This is the key to securing the integrity of a merchant’s online business. 

This is sustainable competitive advantage for smart payment providers. 

  • PSD2 ready

  • Trusted technology

  • Improved value proposition

PSD2 ready

PSD2 is mandating change in the entire payments ecosystem. Real time risk analysis of all electronic payments is becoming a must. For PSPs to succeed in this environment, low fraud rates, strong reporting capabilities and the ability to stream high and low risk transactions are key. Ravelin can help.

Trusted technology

Ravelin is founded on the experience working with the world's largest and most innovative online brands. Built on securing millions of merchant transactions a year,  Ravelin's models are constantly operating a <0.13% rate required by PSD2. Ravelin's machine learning models stop fraud in real-time and give better results at less cost. 

Improved value proposition

Deliver best-in-market fraud detection rates to merchants. Better conversion rates combined with fewer chargebacks equals happy clients and higher margins. Maximise customer acceptance whilst minimising total cost of fraud. 

The PSD2 fraud guide for Payment Service Providers

PSD2 is set to transform the payments ecosystem. Here’s a guide to talk you through what the legislation means for fraud and Payment Service Providers.

Ravelin can help you...

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Add more merchants

As fraud detection becomes a competitive advantage, merchants will seek out PSPs with lower fraud rates.

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Future proof your tech

This is the only fraud technology investment a PSP has to make for the next decade - make the right choice now.

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Operate at scale

Ravelin is built for big. Our cloud-based technology scales with your clients' ambitions. 

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Stay compliant

Ravelin’s PSP product is built specifically to comply with the latest data, identity and security legislation.

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Listen to the podcast

Martin Sweeney, CEO of Ravelin discusses the implications of PSD2 for the payments industry (12 mins) 

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Read the data sheet

At Ravelin, we provide Payment Service Providers a full suite of machine learning products that take care of a spectrum of fraud threats.

ravelin psp datasheet
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Read the blog

An overview of how fraud detection will move to the centre of a PSP value proposition with PSD2.

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