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Machine-learning fraud detection that gets instant results

At Ravelin, we believe that to reduce fraud significantly means analysing both the order data and user behaviour together. Which is why we begin scoring your customers from the moment they sign up and then every time they log in, all in real time. We track behaviour against 100s of fraud signals and once a threshold is breached the user is flagged or blocked as a fraudster. What’s more, the system learns and improves over time - getting more and more accurate as your payments team confirms the decisions. It’s real-time fraud detection, all the time.


Stop chargebacks at source

Reducing chargebacks is our biggest priority, which is why we stop fraudsters before they are able to check out. For instance, our graph network analysis tool detects connections between users in your customer base. Anyone sharing a card, device, phone number, or an email address with a known fraudster is automatically banned. Dealing with chargebacks is complicated, time-consuming and expensive so we make every effort to stop them before they can ever occur.


Do fewer manual reviews more effectively

In a world that increasingly requires businesses to operate in real-time, never has it been more essential to automate reviewing transactions for fraud. This is why our robust models do the heavy lifting for you so your team can focus on servicing your customers. Our clients typically review less than 1% of all orders compared to industry averages of 25%.  So rather than slowing the customer journey,  Ravelin users focus on making sure the automated decisions are accurate. It’s how manual review becomes an asset and not a cost.

Gain deep new insights into your business

At Ravelin we are obsessed with surfacing your data in ways that are immediate, easy to understand and useful. Extensive, automated reports provide a clear reportable overview of what’s happening with fraud. Customer-level dashboards provide your teams with all they need to make informed fraud confirmations. Whether you have experienced fraud analysts or prefer to use Ravelin within a customer service environment, your teams will have the facts and insights they need to do their jobs.

Scale your fraud detection with machine learning

We chose machine learning to be the core technology for tackling fraud because no other approach provides the accuracy that our customers demand at a speed and scale that fits in with how their businesses operate. Our data science teams deploy models across industries and tune them for clients to adopt and learn based on the fraud that our clients experience. We think of it as data science as a service. 


Connect the bad guys with graph network analysis

Ravelin graph database technology works at 1000x the speed of the market-leading graph database solutions, which means our customers can view networks for each and every customer instantly.  This multiplies the impact of every fraudster caught by mapping every user, card number, phone number, device and email connected to them. It's super-charged fraud detection that gives the advantage back to the merchant.