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Ravelin for On-Demand

Fraud detection for the on-demand economy 

Ravelin provides unrivalled fraud detection for businesses that need to approve orders instantly. Immediate acceptance should not mean more fraud. Trust the undisputed leaders in securing on-demand transactions.   

Why Ravelin for on-demand?

The on-demand economy’s commitment to speed and convenience means that traditional fraud detection approaches don’t work. Merchants need a faster, more accurate and lower cost approach to detecting fraudulent customers.

Ravelin works with some of world’s leading businesses for on-demand, from Just Eat to Deliveroo, MyTaxi and Urban Massage. Ravelin uses next-generation machine learning technology to power highly accurate decisions in milliseconds. We help businesses accept millions of successful instant orders every week. No-one understands this industry better. 

  • Industry expertise

  • Supporting a frictionless customer journey

  • Fully automated decisions

Industry expertise

To stay competitive online businesses need to make accurate fraud decisions in seconds. Ravelin work with the leading on-demand businesses and our machine learning models instantly adapt to trends, stop fraudulent payments and protect your customers. 

Supporting a frictionless customer journey

On-demand businesses need instant and accurate decisions to determine fraudulent transactions with every order. Ravelin monitors customer activity and provides instant results with no interruption to the customer journey.

Fully automated decisions

Ravelin provides fraud predictions prior to the transaction. Bad transactions are declined automatically. Ravelin clients review the decisions to gain a deep insight into how fraud affects their business and works with Ravelin to prevent future abuses.

Fraud detection for the on-demand economy

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Ravelin can help you...

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Add more customers

Grow with the confidence that new sales are good sales. Our ML models are super-accurate in identifying and blocking bad accounts and risky orders.

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Reduce chargebacks

Ravelin gives immediate ROI by reducing chargebacks dramatically - and keeps them low. Enjoy industry-best CB rates while exploring the possibilities that a solution like Ravelin brings.

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Trust your customer

Ravelin has a ton of tools, checks and visualisations that helps an online business to have trust again in its customer base. Know the good customer, not just the bad and sell with confidence. 

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Gain deeper insights

Ravelin helps on-demand businesses to not just stop chargebacks but to understand why they are happening. What markets, customers, locations, payment types are driving fraud?

Minicabit & Ravelin

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Listen to the podcast

Hear Philip Green discuss the key strategies for fighting fraud at an e-commerce business and the importance of building a well-rounded team within any business.

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Read the data sheet

This datasheet covers why Ravelin for on-demand fraud detection as well as the product features and benefits.

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Read the blog

Did you know that online businesses are at a higher risk of fraud during a marketing campaign? And that the successful fraudulent orders during a campaign push are noticeably larger than an average order size?  

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