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How Ravelin works

Why choose Ravelin?

Reduce chargebacks

Our sophisticated algorithms bring fraud down to ~0.1% of sales, which means chargebacks become fewer and far between.

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Increase conversion

By looking at hundreds of behavioural signals, our machine learning models increase conversion by up to 20% over high-performing rules-based systems.

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Reduce manual review

We know that time is money, which is why we have worked hard to reduce manual reviewing down to less than 1% of orders on average for our clients.

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Rapid, painless integration

Our documentation is clear, the process is simple and a dedicated integration team will help you through every stage of the integration.

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No fraud expertise required

Our intuitive dashboard empowers people across industries and teams to manage fraud attacks on their businesses.

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Cutting edge technology

Ravelin combines best in class machine learning, device fingerprinting and graph networking technologies to better protect you from fraud.

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