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Ravelin for Digital Goods

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Ravelin’s machine-learning prediction engine means security through data scrutiny. Reduce chargebacks, trust your users, and fight back against fraud.


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Why Ravelin for digital goods? 


Whether it is gaming, game codes, gift cards, financial products or streaming services, digital goods means instant delivery to a buyer where there is often very limited information on who that buyer is. Securing these transactions are hard and the the loss to digital goods merchants can be crippling. The only way to fight back is to build predictions on the data that is available. Nothing excels at this more than a machine learning based fraud prediction engine. Meet Ravelin.


  • Instant decisions: unparalleled accuracy

  • Account abuse and takeover: stop it spreading

  • Mobile native

Instant decisions: unparalleled accuracy

Ravelin has been built from day one on the assumption on no manual review. Our decisions are instant, but speed is never an excuse for inaccuracy. Why? Because our models are built on a combination of industry best practice and your own experience of fraud.


Account abuse and takeover: stop it spreading

User accounts are the key to repeat sales and recurring revenue. But their security is the key to maintaining a business reputation and losing that reputation in fatal. Spot anomalous behaviour, shut it down and find the connections.

Mobile native

Many digital goods business exist entirely of mostly in-app; using a fraud system that is not mobile-native is non-start. Uncover useful signals from devices, discover how much GPS can reveal and use the mobile experience as an ally in he fight against fraud.

The complete guide to fraud prediction for a digital goods business.

This in-depth guide covers why fraudsters love digital goods, the risks that businesses face and how to fight back and protect customers.

Ravelin can help you...

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Stop fraud spreading

Only Ravelin maps out the risk in your customer base. Our graph network finds the accounts and customers connected to bad actors and stops them in their tracks. Uncover the risk hiding in your data.

add more customers

Add more customers

Grow with the confidence that new sales are good sales. Our ML models are super-accurate in identifying and blocking bad accounts and risky orders.


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Reduce chargebacks

Ravelin gives immediate ROI by reducing chargebacks dramatically - and keeps them low. Enjoy industry-best CB rates while exploring the possibilities that a solution like Ravelin brings.

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Trust your customer

Ravelin has a ton of tools, checks and visualisations that helps an online business to have trust again in its customer base. Know the good customer, not just the bad and sell with confidence.

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Nick Garner, Founder of Oshi Casino, discusses the measures to take to fight against fraud as an online casino.

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Read the data sheet

Ravelin provides merchants in the digital goods industry with a full suite of machine learning products that take care of a spectrum of fraud threats.

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Read the blog

Read our latest blog on the impact of fraud in digital goods and how this affects businesses and their customers.

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