Easy Taxi

Zalan Lima, Head of Fraud

Before Ravelin, we had two people working full-time on manual reviews. Now everything is automatic and we only log into the system once a week. We chose Ravelin because they have the experience to make these decisions very fast. Now that we have fraud under control, we can grow the number of people who pay in-app.


YPlan, a Time Out company

Paddy Fletcher, CFO

We have seen a dramatic increase in our ability to detect and prevent fraud since the integrating with Ravelin. But more than that, we feel a much greater level of insight into the types of fraud attempted on our platform, allowing us to put the measures in place through Ravelin to prevent them occurring again. 



Philip Green, CFO

As we continue to grow across the globe, it’s important that we work with partners that are able to scale with us. It’s great to see Ravelin expanding its international operations, which allows Deliveroo to focus on creating the world’s best food delivery service.



Giles Williams, CTO

At Urban Massage, we use Ravelin to route risky transactions through dynamic 3DS. The graph networks are fantastic for investigating potential fraud, it makes the few manual reviews we need to do fast and efficient. Ravelin is helping us grow without interruption and with much less risk.



Ian Vaughan, Development Team Lead

Great support during integration; they set up a direct communication channel which helped us with any queries we had. The API documentation was easy to follow, well documented and examples on how to use the API.


Gift Off

Rusty Nash, Co-founder

We have seen first-hand that machine learning is the future of the fraud prevention industry, thanks to Ravelin. Using their platform has meant we've only seen 1 chargeback in the entire time that we've been accepting CNP payments, which is unheard of in our industry.