The chargeback reduction solution

Stop payment fraud and improve your conversion to sales with the right fraud system. Our chargebacks guide explains how they work and how to prevent them.

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Results built on data

We use your chargeback history to train our machine learning models for more accurate results.

Stop fraud before it happens

Constantly ping Ravelin for fraud scores to stop a fraudster before purchase.

Radical results

Ravelin clients see 50%+ reduction in chargeback levels in a month.

Long-term protection

We constantly refine and update our algorithms to stop chargeback creep for good.


How does Ravelin stop chargebacks?

Ravelin uses leading AI and machine learning techniques that adapt to the emerging threatscape. We give your analysts the tools and insights they need to win the fight against chargebacks and fraud.


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Stop chargebacks for the long term

Ravelin supplements machine learning with business rules, link analysis and graph networks make sure that when a fraudster is stopped, so is their fraud network. Gain your business a reputation as a tough place to defraud while being a great place to buy. 


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Complete fraud management

Fewer false positives

Ravelin is proven to reduce chargebacks and improve conversion. Our models can show you the expected impact based on your data. Don't guess. Know. 

Zero impact on your customer sign-up

Becoming a tough place to rip off should not mean being a tough place to buy from. We use every useful piece of data you have to assess fraud without imposing any hurdles to purchase. 

Set your own risk threshold

Base your risk appetite on your company strategy. Whether you want to maximise growth or minimise loss, we'll work with you to find the right threshold. 

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Interested in how machine learning can improve your fraud detection?

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