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Easy Taxi reduces chargebacks by 50% in one month

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Key takeaways

  • Immediate 50% reduction in chargebacks.
  • Now only log into the dashboard once a week rather than having to do daily manual reviews.
  • Blocked numerous networks worth tens of thousands of dollars before any chargebacks came through.

About Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is one of the world’s most downloaded taxi apps, operating in 170 cities across South America and Africa, and helping customers take over 10 million rides each month. The application connects taxi drivers and passengers allowing them to experience a fast, convenient and safe ride, at just a tap of button.

This ease and convenience results in really happy customers. The only issue is that ease and convenience are fraudsters’ two favourite words. The fewer steps there are to register and pay, the fewer hurdles there are for a fraudsters to overcome. Smart companies have to take other measures to ensure they only allow legitimate users on their app.

The Challenge: Quickly reduce chargebacks to get off the Visa and Mastercard Excessive Chargeback Programmes

Having a background working in markets like Africa and South America where cash was historically prevalent, the team at Easy Taxi worked hard to offer a great in-app payment option to their increasing number of users who wanted to pay by card.

Easy Taxi succeeded in making a wonderfully simple app which delighted their users and made it incredibly easy to pay. Yet there was one problem. The simple payment process made it very vulnerable to fraudsters as there were few security checks in place.

As Zalan Lima, Head of Fraud Prevention, explains ‘Before Ravelin we were doing everything manually. We had to go in to look at each account individually, block them and put them onto a blacklist. Two people were working on this full time.’ The number of chargebacks was beyond acceptable levels for the business and resulted in Easy Taxi being put on the Visa and Mastercard Excessive Chargeback programs. Easy Taxi needed to find a way to get these numbers down extremely quickly. Easy Taxi selected Ravelin as it had expertise with on demand businesses.

"All other solutions are made for e-commerce so they expect you to send details like the difference in time between order and when the product is shipped… we simply don’t have this. - Zalan Lima, Head of Fraud Prevention, Easy Taxi

The Ravelin impact: 50% reduction in chargebacks in only 1 month

Easy Taxi was after a solution that would be both quick to implement and provide results from day one. The process started with an integration kick-off call where both parties scoped out what work needed to be done. Ravelin then assigned Easy Taxi an integration engineer and set up a Slack channel to provide their developers with immediate access to support throughout the whole development process.

The integration only took a few weeks and went very smoothly. Zalan commented ‘‘The integration process was by far the best of any company we’ve ever worked with. The documentation was excellent, but whenever we did have a question, Ravelin were very quick to reply." As part of the integration, Easy Taxi sent a backfill of all their historic data. This meant Ravelin could take all of this into account from day one rather than having to wait for months for good results to come in.

The results

Today, Easy Taxi still offer the same wonderful in-app purchasing experience, but now have fraud under control. They are now actually promoting in-app payments. Ravelin succeeded not only in drastically reducing Easy Taxi’s chargebacks but have fundamentally changed the way Easy Taxi are able to serve their customers.

As Zalan comments, “thanks to Ravelin, we now feel confident that we can expand the in-app payments part of our business without undue exposure to fraud, which is huge as we are sure this is where the next phase of growth is going to come from for Easy Taxi”.