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eShopWorld Case Study - global expansion with fewer false positives

Key takeaways

  • Ravelin reduced false positive rates by over 60%
  • eShopWorld use Ravelin to scale and operate in new markets and regions
  • The team use Ravelin’s platform 24/7 to gain insights and analysis into fraud trends

About eShopWorld

eShopWorld was founded in 2010 with a vision of making it easy for international shoppers to shop with their favourite brands.

Over the years, the company has evolved from duty and tax calculations, to a full service end-to-end digital commerce platform that localises every touchpoint on the shopper journey. This means a local checkout, with local pricing, payments, shipping and returns. eShopWorld supports shoppers in more than 200 markets around the globe; the brands that work with eShopWorld are typically based in North America and Europe and they also support brands in the APAC region.

The challenge

Fraud exposure is a key concern for global retailers, particularly when selling across borders. But this is also eShopWorld’s value proposition; the company takes the full fraud risk. Most merchants simply don’t want to take on all of that complexity by themselves, so it makes sense to work with a partner that can offer them the best return for the lowest risk.

eShopWorld de-risks international expansion for merchants, while ensuring they are maximising their revenue growth in each market.

Every market brings its own unique set of challenges, both operationally and in terms of the fraud profile and risk that it represents.

But eShopWorld manages the distribution of the client’s goods within the country, so it’s usually the case that if the goods get as far as that country, they are lost, in a fraudulent scenario. For this reason it is paramount that eShopWorld is able to identify and intervene in cases where fraud is likely, before goods are ever shipped.

“Working with the Ravelin team has been a tremendously positive experience for us at eShopWorld.” - Corey Murphy, E-Commerce Operations at eShopWorld

How Ravelin helps

eShopWorld’s CTO Colm O’Donaill says: “Our growth plans have three real points. To bring new brands onto our platform, to bring those brands into new markets, and then to make those markets perform as well as they can.

“Fraud management is a key part of that proposition.”

Corey Murphy, E-Commerce Operations at eShopWorld also commented on how Ravelin has helped reduce fraud for their retailers.

“The most useful thing that we’ve found when using Ravelin is the efficiency gained in our manual case review.

“We’re seeing less orders being needed to be manually reviewed by our team which is allowing our fraud analysts the ability to identify future trends as opposed to order by order searches.”

Reducing false positive rates by over 60%

Corey continues: “Ravelin has had a positive impact for eShopWorld. We have seen a 63% reduction in the false positive rates, which means more shoppers are having that seamless e-commerce journey, while also eShopWorld are seeing a reduction within the chargeback rate, so overall it’s a win for our shoppers and it’s a big win for eshopworld.

“Working with the Ravelin team has been a tremendously positive experience for us at eShopWorld.

“We’ve found them to be very proactive, attentive and engaging with our needs, especially with the roll out over development they were very accommodating to us, that allowed us to go live ahead of peak e-commerce season, which again gave great wins for our shoppers and also for us within eShopWorld.”