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Managing the fraud threat for bus and rail

We work with bus and rail ticketing agencies to uncover the fraud patterns in their customer data. The results: less manual review, fewer chargebacks and fewer false positives.  

Ravelin makes it simpler

A single, streamlined fraud system that’s easy to use and simple to report from. Replace the complex web of single-function products with a single dashboard for all bus and rail fraud. 

Ravelin does it smarter

Optimise the manual review process with automated approvals and enjoy unprecedented accuracy. Review trends, adapt models and develop real insights to significantly lower fraud. 

Ravelin uncovers connections. 

Ravelin’s link analysis and graph databases expose the hidden fraud risk in your data. From a single fraud case we map every connected card, device, email or phone number. 

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"We have seen a dramatic increase in our ability to detect and prevent fraud since the integrating with Ravelin. But more than that, we feel a much greater level of insight into the types of fraud attempted on our platform"

Zalan Lima, Head of Fraud, Easy Taxi