Meet our new Head of Sales, Roger Kruger

Meet our new Head of Sales, Roger Kruger

In my career, I’ve always looked for opportunities to work with companies that have impressive products that are ripe for a broader audience. Ravelin is one of these companies. 

Having worked in the payments industry for the last eighteen years, I have experienced the evolution of fraud across the entire payments ecosystem. It was my time at Cybersource however that I really began to notice the shift in the way online businesses were handling fraud. They were becoming more intelligent about the fraud in their industry and hitting their business, and were starting to challenge the status quo that there was a silver bullet for fraud detection. Instead, businesses wanted to create their own fraud fighting toolbox filled with the best-in-market products that can be tailored to their business needs. 

What really attracted me to Ravelin was their recognition of this shift. Having been merchants themselves, the founding team felt the pain of trying to put together a fraud toolbox when only all-encompassing fraud solutions were on the market. Ravelin now offers products that solve specific problems which means merchants can use Ravelin where and how they need most. Additionally, Ravelin recognised from day one that machine learning is the future of fraud prevention as online payments continue to grow and increasingly happen in real-time. With their proprietary machine learning models, the data science team is able to create a profile of users and better identify fraudulent behaviours. 

As Head of Sales, I am looking forward to further shaping the sales function and strategy that will take Ravelin to the next level. The calibre of talent across all of the teams is very high and they are incredibly client-focused; constantly wrapping the business proposition and product changes around their current and prospective clients. I’m looking forward to working alongside the people who have helped bring Ravelin to where it is today. 

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