GDPR, privacy, Brexit and the implications for data businesses

GDPR, privacy, Brexit and the implications for data businesses

I had the pleasure of talking with Eric Klotz, a lawyer specialising in data protection who works with DataHug and as the general counsel for Conversocial. The conversation was prompted by some concerns we heard from prospects and clients about Brexit. Ravelin is a UK-based company, the prospects were continental European based businesses - so all reasonable questions. 

The conversation is linked below but the good news is <spoiler alert> that most of the existing privacy legislation is superseded by the General Data Protection Regulation agreement to which the UK remains committed. Brexit or not, the UK companies including Ravelin, would need to be compliant with GDPR in order to do any business in Europe. The same holds true for US, Asian or any other business. 

GDPR of course brings with it its own compliance challenges that will be interesting to see tested. The fines have real teeth - 4% of turnover of $20M for multinationals, whichever is larger. At a future date we will go into more detail on the implication for this. For now enjoy the Podcast below or read the transcript.



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