January 2016 | AI Meetup: Can machines see the invisible?

January 2016 | AI Meetup: Can machines see the invisible?

We are the hosts of a regular artificial intelligence meetup called Applied AI, that showcases the latest and greatest in AI tech. If you'd like to learn more or join, please visit our meetup page

Vision algorithms have achieved impressive performances in visual recognition. Nevertheless, an image is worth a thousand words and not all these words refer to visible properties such as objects and scenes. 

Miriam Redi, a Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs London, explores ways to automatically assess visual aesthetics and creativity, and exploit the power of computer vision in the context of web, social media and culture understanding. In the talk she gave at the first Applied AI Meetup of 2016, she explored the subjective side of visual data, investigating how machine learning can detect intangible properties of images and videos, such as beauty, creativity and other more curious characteristics. 

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